The Extended Overholt Family Foundation
Karen Rose Overholt Critchfield, Founder

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Our Motto
"Life takes time!"

Our Mission
The Extended Overholt Family Foundation identifies our mission as supporting the welfare of those properties identified historically as owned and operated by The Overholt Family of West Overton, PA. This includes the land and buildings comprising West Overton, founded by Henrich Oberholtzer (Henry Overholt) and his extended family. Also included are the land and buildings comprising the A. Overholt and Company Distillery at Broad Ford, PA, and other properties, as they become known to us. Our mission identifies the published and unpublished pictures, photographs, histories and genealogies of The Overholt Family and The Extended Overholt Family for particular attention, in order to collect, preserve and disseminate family tree information, and to clarify the importance to the region of the Overholt farming, weaving, lumbering, and whiskey enterprises, as well as their work in railroads, banking, coal mining and coke production.

Our Vision
Giving care to the details, and serious attention to preservation, we expect to carry the personal stories and public works of the members of the Overholt Family into the future, and thereby inspire future generations.

Our Organization
The Extended Overholt Family Foundation was created to be a non-profit, non-stock public charity, funded solely by tax-deductible membership dues and the generosity of foundations, corporations, and individuals. We expect to achieve full status of a 501(c)(3) organization.



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